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Maddy Anholt - How to Identify, Leave, and Recover from a Toxic Relationship (or a Psychopath)

February 05, 2022 Mo Gawdat and Maddy Anholt Episode 179
Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat
Maddy Anholt - How to Identify, Leave, and Recover from a Toxic Relationship (or a Psychopath)
Show Notes

I've been waiting for this conversation. We've all dealt with toxic relationships, one way or another. Few things can be as draining and eventually traumatizing. At the same time, finding yourself controlled by someone whose sole intentions are to destroy you delivers the ultimate wake up call: you're not loving yourself right, and it's time to do the work to make sure this never happens again. Consider this the ultimate guide for spotting and leaving your toxic relationship.

Maddy Anholt is a comedian, actor, Women's Aid Ambassador, and the author of the new book, How to Leave Your Psychopath. She has appeared in sitcoms for BBC Three, BBC One, ITV and Channel 4. She’s had four sell-out solo comedies at Underbelly, Gilded Balloon, Latitude Festival Main Stage and the Soho Theatre. Her show, Herselves was nominated 'Best New Show' at the Leicester Comedy Festival. She performed at Underbelly, Edinburgh where she was shortlisted for The Voice's 'Pick of the Fringe'. Maddy also wrote and starred in her own comedy for BBC Radio 4 and has amassed over seven million views online for her sketches.

Listen as we discuss:

  • How Maddy became an author (with the same publisher as me!)
  • Why do some people keep attracting psychopaths?
  • What is a psychopath and how do they behave?
  • My biggest psychopath story.
  • Maddy's Christmas horror story.
  • The tendency to stick out a toxic relationship because of the sunk-cost fallacy.
  • Listening to the Lady Gut Instinct.
  • The tactic of love bombing and how you rationalize yourself back into the toxicity.
  • How do you know a relationship is worth trying to fix  despite the red flags?
  • What happens after you leave? How do you avoid it happening again?
  • Easy relationships exist. Don't fall for the lie that the misery is a part of the experience.

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