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Britt Frank - How to Get Unstuck and Move Past What's Holding You Back

April 02, 2022 Mo Gawdat and Britt Frank Episode 187
Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat
Britt Frank - How to Get Unstuck and Move Past What's Holding You Back
Show Notes

In this week's super practical and deeply important episode, I speak with Britt Frank, author of the new book, The Science of Stuck, and one of my new favorite people.

Britt is a clinician, educator and trauma specialist who speaks and writes widely about the mental health myths that keep us stuck and stressed. An award-winning adjunct professor at the University of Kansas, she is also a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and Level 3 trained in the Internal Family Systems therapeutic model. She also worked as a primary therapist at a drug and alcohol treatment center, an inpatient therapist at a children’s psychiatric hospital, and now owns a private practice.

Through her own difficult past and her wide qualifications, Britt's new book reveals a brilliantly articulated and research-based tool kit for moving past what's holding you back in life, in love, and in work. Her approach has quickly become one of my favorite ways of discussing the topic. This conversation is very much worth the short time commitment.

Listen as we discuss:

  • Even if you're fine, it's still worth doing the work.
  • Britt's tumultuous past and what led her to her work.
  • Trauma is like brain indigestion, and we all experience it differently.
  • Does it really matter why we're feeling the trauma, or should we just fix it?
  • Dogmatic models of therapy, and why therapists often don't offer direct solutions.
  • What is Somatic Experiencing?
  • Why do we get stuck? A lack of information and ignoring painful truths.
  • The good side of getting stuck.
  • Steps: 1. Get honest, 2. Consider your options, and 3. Do what you're willing to do.
  • Why do some people not want to move forward?
  • Saying "this is just who I am" as an excuse is not scientifically accurate.
  • Being honest with yourself will force you to change eventually.
  • Her new book, The Science of Stuck, a dream come true and a gift to the world.

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