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John Vincent - How to Truly Do Good Work and What Taoism Tells Us About the Meaning of Life

May 15, 2022 Mo Gawdat and John Vincent Episode 193
Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat
John Vincent - How to Truly Do Good Work and What Taoism Tells Us About the Meaning of Life
Show Notes

This week's episode is one of Slo Mo's first ever face-to-face interviews, filmed and recorded on my portable studio in a little Airbnb in London. Slo Mo is hitting the road, so expect a lot more of these in the coming weeks.

In this episode, I speak with John Vincent, whose guiding principle in life and business is a commitment to help make things better.  John co-founded the fast-food chain, Leon, in 2004 with the mission to create "Naturally Fast Food": food that tastes good, does you good and is kind to the planet. He has lead projects such as the UK government’s School Food Plan and chairs the Council for Sustainable Business. John recently founded The Longhouse, a home to positively disruptive people, brands and companies that protect and improve life on earth. He is also the author of Winning Not Fighting: Why you need to rethink success and how you achieve it with the Ancient Art of Wing Tsun .

If you think this episode is going to be about the restaurant business, you will be disappointed. This is nothing short of an exploration of how we can tap back into the universal purpose of life.

Listen as we discuss:

  • How I met John through our mutual friend, Danny Donachie (see ep. 169)
  • Doing business for good vs. maintaining an image of good to do more business.
  • Instead of seeing life as a journey, we should see it as an opportunity to play.
  • Rerouting ourselves back to the present is the fundamental goal.
  •  John’s story of founding Leon.
  • A primer on taoism and the difference between morality, goodness, and truth.
  • The role of ritual in all spiritual disciplines, and the dangers of "pop spirituality".
  • The truth about CEO's: they are the number one slave to the company.
  • A call for more Natural Capital Accounting, and why bribes were once tax deductible.
  • What’s the first step we can take to increase business for good?
  • The importance of rhythm on human longevity and how to truly dance.
  • What we can learning from the Time Gods.
  • What’s John’s biggest achievement in life?
  • How does John define happiness? Rediscovering yourself.

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