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Astrid Holleeder & Miljuschka - How I Got the Courage to Take Down My Murderous Brother

August 29, 2022 Mo Gawdat, Astrid Holleeder, and Miljuschka Episode 208
Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat
Astrid Holleeder & Miljuschka - How I Got the Courage to Take Down My Murderous Brother
Show Notes

It is episodes like this that make me feel like the luckiest man in the world.

In this week's conversation, I speak with Astrid Holleeder, the brave woman who risked her own life and freedom to put her brother, the most notorious criminal gangster in the modern history of the Netherlands, behind bars. Astrid is now unable to appear in public and lives in oscillation between freedom and fear, but with no regrets. You won't see her face if you decide to watch the video on YouTube (highly recommended), but her voice says it all.

Joining me along with Astrid is her daughter Miljuschka, an iconic Dutch model, actress, and TV chef in the Netherlands who rose to fame advocating for living free and emotionally, mentally, and phyiscally healthy. Miljuschka is a beloved figure with millions of fans and a beacon of strength herself.

Speaking to these two women together, mother and daughter, makes it clear that courage can run in the family. You will see that most of this conversation is with Astrid as Miljuschka humbly gives her mother the rare chance to express herself publicly. We focus less on the unbelievable story that led to her bestselling book, Judas, and more on the storm of emotions and experiences that led her to a sense of peace despite an incredibly difficult childhood and adulthood.

This episode contains explicit language and themes. We felt it appropriate to leave this episode unaltered.

Listen as we discuss:

  • How Astrid got the strength to completely upend her life for the sake of what's right.
  • The horror of living in fear of her criminal brother and his threats and murders.
  • The worst ultimatum: blind loyalty or death to your loved ones.
  • Astrid living in survival mode and going to therapy to learn right from wrong.
  • The moment she learned that not all father's are abusive and finally stood up to her's.
  • Why Astrid never followed through on her plan to kill her own brother.
  • How the internet and discovering psychology has rewired her brain to a place of peace.
  • The one beautiful gift her brother gave her when he took away her freedom.
  • What does Miljuschka wish for her mother?
  • Astrid's last moments with her mother showed her more than a lifetime together.
  • A discussion on death and its purpose.
  • What does the universe have planned from this seemingly horrible story?

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