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Karin Bloemen - How to Live a Life of Color in Spite of All the Darkness

September 17, 2022 Mo Gawdat and Karin Bloemen Episode 211
Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat
Karin Bloemen - How to Live a Life of Color in Spite of All the Darkness
Show Notes

In this episode, I speak to the legendary Karin Bloemen at her home in Broek in Waterland, The Netherlands. My dear friend Sonja Dippel, who runs One Billion Happy out of The Netherlands, arranged this meeting, and right away I knew I was in the presence of someone possessing extraordinary wisdom. Sonja, in her message to me, defined Karin in one word:  "Karin is color." After our conversation, I realized just how true that is, and just how many colors there really are, from the darkest to the brightest, that have come together to form a true human being.

Karin is a force of overcoming incredible adversity and finding a path to your personal peace. She is an actress, a singer, an Instagram sensation, and the author of two books. In all arts, and particularly the art of living, I have rarely encountered someone who can do it as well as she has.

Unfortunately, this week's episode discusses repeated incidents of sexual abuse that she and women around her have suffered. The goal of that aspect of this discussion is to inform and discuss how we can put an end to this heinously ugly side of humanity once and for all and support all victims, past and present. Remember, you are not alone, and help is out there and very willing to engage with you.

Listen as we discuss:

  • Why fame isn't a big deal after all.
  • What's the secret to a happy marriage? (Karin is married 30 years to her best friend.)
  • How Karin raised the son of her sister, who died in a fire with two of her children.
  • The extraordinary challenge of being a mother as a sexual assault victim.
  • Karin's top parenting tip? Let teenagers be teenagers, but have zero tolerance for lying.
  • The story of Karin's sexual abuse at the hands of her stepfather.
  • How can we stop sexual abuse and support the victims?
  • What is the dynamic that leads men to sexually assault a child?
  • Understanding intimacy versus perversion.
  • Living for moments, not targets, and taking on the ego.
  • When are you actually being you?
  • Incorporating fire, water, air, and earth into performance.
  • Karin's top tip for happiness: cherish what is and stay out of the waiting room.

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