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Jimmy Nelson & Prince Constantijn - Finding Fatherland Between the Sea and the Sky

September 24, 2022 Mo Gawdat, Jimmy Nelson & Prince Constantijn Episode 212
Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat
Jimmy Nelson & Prince Constantijn - Finding Fatherland Between the Sea and the Sky
Show Notes

For the last episode in my tour of Holland, I'm back in one of my favorite spots in Amsterdam with my wonderful friend Jimmy Nelson and accompanied by Prince Constantijn. We three met in September 2021 in the Netherlands at Jimmy's exhibition, The Last Sentinels, which was absolutely breathtaking. I sat down with Jimmy and Constantijn to discuss the value in preserving heritage, the disappearing Dutch culture, the bliss of finding an adopted home, and Jimmy's newest projects. The video of this episode, linked below, is simply the better way to consume this conversation.

In his latest book, Between the Sea and the Sky, Jimmy Nelson presents portraits of twenty Dutch communities wearing regional traditional dress and the environment that shaped them. It is his most personal book ever. During the recent pandemic, which restricted travel across the world, Jimmy Nelson realized he didn't need to travel to the ends of the Earth to discover outstanding human beauty. This insight gave rise to a new project much closer to home, a stunning art book and ode to the Netherlands, his adopted fatherland.

Listen as we discuss:

  • Jimmy's adopted Dutchhood and the root of his love for the Netherlands.
  • His loving process of photographing 20 traditional Dutch villages.
  • Why the Dutch don't brag about being Dutch and dealing with their colonial past.
  • Between the Sea and Sky
  • Why does Jimmy carry a cumbersome old camera with limited film?
  • Delayed gratification and the beauty of the process.
  • Some features of Dutch culture with the "Definitive Dutch Man", Prince Constantijn.
  • Is the metaverse the next step of modernization?
  • Slow down and be interested in people, and life will give its fruits.
  • Visit Jimmy's exhibition on October 14. More details at

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