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Yalda Alaoui - How to Heal Your Chronic Inflammation the Gentle Way

October 01, 2022 Mo Gawdat and Yalda Alaoui Episode 213
Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat
Yalda Alaoui - How to Heal Your Chronic Inflammation the Gentle Way
Show Notes

This week's episode is focused on healing. We spend a lot of episodes discussing mental health, but anyone who's ever been afflicted with chronic pain or disease knows hard it is to stay happy in that state.

A former investment banker turned naturopathic nutritionist, Yalda Alaoui is the CEO & founder of Eat Burn Sleep,  an acclaimed 'no-nonsense' science-backed nutrition platform focusing on anti-inflammation and promoting gut health. Yalda is disrupting the industries formally dominated by men. She is a London-based entrepreneur, inflammation pioneer, mother and creator who is giving people a second chance at life with her Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle. After suffering from an array of illnesses and getting no help in the medical field, Yalda looked inwards to cure herself. She now helps treat many conditions, some of which are only recently coming to the forefront of the broader wellness discussion.

Listen as we discuss:

  • Yalda's upbringing in Morocco and career trajectory.
  • Why she stopped working after motherhood.
  • The hardwired guilt of a mother.
  • Her diagnosis with multiple autoimmune diseases and the dangers of inflammation.
  • Food, movement, and mental wellness: the pillars of healing.
  • The body sees extremes as a shock, even healthy ones.
  • Eat: Avoid processed foods. Feed your gut bacteria.
  • Burn: Do the right kind of exercise for your body. The wrong kind can make you worse.
  • Sleep: Tell yourself you're going to sleep well tonight, over and over.
  • Why Yalda' doesn't like the term "single mother."
  • What is Yalda's top tip for happiness? Think happy to be happy.

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