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Carly Meyers - How to Hustle the Healthy Way and Why You're Made for More

October 15, 2022 Mo Gawdat and Carly Meyers Episode 215
Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat
Carly Meyers - How to Hustle the Healthy Way and Why You're Made for More
Show Notes

This week's guest is the inspiring Carly Meyers, a woman who learned to do it all except the things that make her unhappy.

Carly was a professional dancer performing in prestigious West End Musicals and arenas around the world. At the height of her success, her career was cut short when an injury meant she could no longer dance and was forced to completely start again. She believes this injury is the best thing to have happened to her as it threw her in the direction of entrepreneurship and her true purpose.

Over the last 9 years she has built 2 hugely successful online business’s and reached the top 1% of leaders in the social marketing industry worldwide and is now the CEO of Girls Building Empires. She has coached hundreds of others to build their own online business and has a relentless passion for helping women reach places in their own personal and business growth that they never even thought possible.

She is the host of the female entrepreneur podcast Made For More, on which I was a guest the same day we recorded this (check it out). Running her businesses around her 2 kids under the age of 3, she has figured out how to work smart and is obsessed with helping people earn more while working less.

Listen as we discuss:

  • The truth about being a West End musical dancer (it's not glamorous).
  • The fateful injury that ended her dancing career.
  • Advice for aspiring artists on juggling passion and career.
  • Why she left a job at Apple (it involves lunch).
  • Experiencing extreme success wrapped around profound unhappiness.
  • Learingn to celebrate achievements rather than continually striving.
  • The hustle should only be towards the most fulfilled version of you.
  • How she is leaning more into motherhood and away from her masculine.
  • Women and mothers can do it all, but only if they want.
  • Carly's top tip for happiness: accept who you are.

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