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Katie Brindle - Immortal Healers of Chinese Medicine and Awakening from an Era of Lies

December 17, 2022 Mo Gawdat and Katie Brindle Episode 224
Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat
Katie Brindle - Immortal Healers of Chinese Medicine and Awakening from an Era of Lies
Show Notes

Katie Brindle lives for one purpose: to make people well. She is an encyclopedia of effective, holistic healing, and one of those forces for good on this planet.

She is a Chinese medicine practitioner, healer, empath, teacher, influencer, women’s wellness commentator and mentor with over 20 clinical years under her belt. She is founder of the multi award-winning 360° lifestyle brand Hayo’u, the UKs leading qigong platform Hayo’uFit, a thriving virtual clinic and best-selling author of Yang Sheng: The Art of Chinese self-healing.

Katie’s mission is to empower people to master their health, covering an extensive range of issues from aging to beauty, insomnia to anxiety, and menopause to the meaning of life. Her tools and techniques teach people to heal efficiently and effectively and, above all, by themselves.

With her pioneering brand Hayo’u, Katie identified the unmet need for self-care tools, initiating  the huge explosion in gua sha crystals and gaining her global recognition as an expert in her field, endorsed by journalists, influencers, celebrities and of course a rapidly expanding community.

Her qigong classes have touched the lives of thousands offering transformation in both health and body shape, energy levels and appetite for life.

Listen as we discuss:

  • The preventative paradigm shift of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Two reasons why people do what they do: inspiration or desperation.
  • How a car accident ended her singing career but started her healing career.
  • What are the Immortal Healers?
  • The difference between sexuality and sensuality and the taboo of body work.
  • Awakening from an era of lies.
  • How manifestation is like the Spotify algorithm.
  • Your organs are like five empires of the body.
  • Once you've transcended your deepest suffering, what else can hurt you?
  • The female healing lineage that Katie is following.
  • In this Age of Information, our choices can be incredibly influential.
  • Tech mirrors ancient wisdom.

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