Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat

Rahaf Kobeissi - What Do Women Have to Do with Men’s Mental Health?

February 12, 2023 Mo Gawdat
Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat
Rahaf Kobeissi - What Do Women Have to Do with Men’s Mental Health?
Show Notes

This episode is the first in a series looking at remarkable women of the Middle East.
A remarkable guest is someone who has come a long way after hardships, and my guest Rahaf Kobeissi is remarkable because of her journey from a very difficult beginning to who she is now. Her name translates to something delicate but she is far from that in a way. She stands big in front of CEO's in the Middle East, coaching them directly. She also works with women giving them the tools they need to excel. Her impact has been massive but may have been unlikely because of her journey.

Rahaf Kobeissi is a well-being coach and host of the podcast "Don't be a Man About It"  and founder of Rays of Your Mental Health, after the sudden suicide of her father.

Listen as we discuss

  • 03:00 What's in a name?
  • 04:25 Roots and Anchors 
  • 06:50 Culture Shock
  • 08:28 The Mother of Anchor points
  • 10:30 Relationship with Mum 
  • 12:30 Drug addict brother 
  • 14:10 Losing Dad and blaming myself
  • 17:00 The last conversation
  • 19:00 Serious self-sabotage - suicide attempts
  • 22:00 Sitting with grief - cultural challenges in getting help
  • 25:45  The Mother wound
  • 27:15: Depression Monster
  • 29:15 Choices and showing up
  • 32:00 If your cup is not full...
  • 33:45: Forgiving yourself
  • 35:45 Changing the narrative
  • 39:29 Why it's easier to blame yourself
  • 41:10 Know your worth - what the Qur'an says
  • 43:20 Don't be a Man About It
  • 47:37 Men's rights
  • 49:07 Why men suffer alone
  • 51:00 What do women have to do with it?
  • 53:42 Boys don't cry
  • 01:15 Find a pace
  • 01:01 Gratitude
  • 01:04 Happy Ray Ray Jar
  • 01:05 Messages from Dad
  • 01:07 Frank Sinatra
  • 01:09 The Universal hug
  • 01:10 No secret to happiness

Connect with Rahaf Kobeissi on Twitter @RayKobeissi and her podcast Don't be a Man About It

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