Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat

Aalia Thobani - Helping the Next Generation Find Their Voice

March 04, 2023 Episode 235
Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat
Aalia Thobani - Helping the Next Generation Find Their Voice
Show Notes

Today I continue my conversation with remarkable women of the Middle East. I would like to remind you that remarkable is not just about the impact these women have had on the region, but also about how far they have come through their own challenges in life. Remarkable truly is about the journey, not the destination and my guest today is a perfect example of that. Aalia Thobani is a Canadian who grew up in Kenya and moved to Dubai to live a life in line with her passion. Her interests in cognitive science and learning and development led her to earn a dual master's in the US, where she worked for a while before returning to Dubai. Her work began with helping children with learning disabilities and providing speech therapy. Aalia has helped thousands of children and has now expanded that help to adults.

Aalia Thobani is an experienced life coach whose career began with helping children with learning difficulties over a decade ago. Since then she has expanded her work to help adults by offering the Stanford Design pioneered Designing Your Life programme which presents a tailor-made workshop package for each client.

Listen as we discuss:

  • 05:45 - Save the world and change the world
  • 07:00 - Losing Dad and the Sacred Wound
  • 10:00 - Grieving 16 years later
  • 11:49 - What is a Sacred Wound
  • 14:05 - Healing together
  • 16:20 - Unlocking potential
  • 18:46 - Stigma and empowerment
  • 20:30 - Giving up eating or speaking
  • 21:30 - Stutter
  • 26:00 - The Kings Speech
  • 27:20 - Vessel for God's work
  • 29:30 - The most important person in the room
  • 34:00 - Crunchmums
  • 36:00 - Connecting on humanity
  • 38:10 - We are all the same
  • 39:45 - Communication, connection and coaching
  • 40:51 - Early intervention
  • 45:00 - Designing Your Life
  • 47:00 - Finding alignment, finding happiness
  • 48:40 - Choose happy!
  • 50:15 - Follow your curiosity

Connect with Aalia Thobani on Instagram @aaliathobani and find out more about her work on her website

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