Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat

Sarah Dawn Moore - How To Break Up With Your Bad Relationship Habits

September 23, 2023 Episode 264
Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat
Sarah Dawn Moore - How To Break Up With Your Bad Relationship Habits
Show Notes

My guest today is someone I’ve waited four months to speak to, mistake on my side by the way, we just didn’t coordinate very well. But four months ago Instagram, for once, showed me something I liked, so I clicked. It was a video about a relationship coach speaking about how women do certain things in a relationship, and I found myself nodding vigorously. Like yes, absolutely I feel this is what I have gone through, and so I clicked for more content, and I was head-banging all the way through. Until I finally said I’m going to follow that person. I have to admit almost every single piece of content she puts online is so well thought through, and is valid in a very interesting way, at least to me, so I thought maybe you guys should get introduced. My guest today is Sarah Dawn Moore.

Sarah Dawn Moore is a dating and relationship coach turned content creator. She combines practical evolutionary psychology, behaviour modification and gender dynamics, to uncover and reverse the unhealthy patterns and dynamics that cause the most discord between men and women. Sarah has coached hundreds of people and has over 1.5 million online followers.

Listen as we discuss:

  • 03:00 - What’s the problem? 
  • 08:00 - Speaking like a man 
  • 12:30 - What do women know? 
  • 15:00 - My journey 
  • 18:00 - Father figure Vs Bad boy 
  • 23:30 - Let men be men 
  • 32:00 - Managing expectations 
  • 34:00 - First love 
  • 37:30 - Trust issues 
  • 41:30 - Probabilities and affirming bias 
  • 44:00 - Taking a step back and breaking up with your patterns 
  • 47:30 - Beauty and the Beast 
  • 52:00 - Being nice and being good 
  • 54:00 - Transactional love 
  • 56:00 - The drama queen 
  • 58:30 - Peace and insecurity 
  • 01:05:00 - State your needs at the start 
  • 01:09:00 - Fatherhood and Ali 
  • 01:11:30 - A safe space Vs emasculation 
  • 01:15:00 - What do men really want? 
  • 01:17:00 - The chase 

Connect with Sarah Dawn Moore on Instagram @sarahdawnmoore  and learn more about her work here.

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