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Simone Heng - How to Connect in a Lonely World

December 16, 2023 Mo Gawdat / Simone Heng Episode 276
Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat
Simone Heng - How to Connect in a Lonely World
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I am so amazed by the wonderful Simone Heng who joins us today to talk about the importance of connection during the wave of loneliness sweeping the modern world. 

As a Human Connection Specialist, Simone introduces us to her mission to inspire people to connect in a world that terribly needs it. She is a former international broadcaster for, among others, Virgin Radio Dubai, HBO Asia, and CNBC, and one of the youngest female Certified Speaking Professionals in the world.

Simone is based and was born in Singapore but has also studied in Switzerland, was raised in Australia, and worked in the United Arab Emirates. She has a communications and cultural studies degree from Curtin University of Technology.

Her latest book “Let’s Talk About Loneliness” is out and today we dive into the many valuable nuggets of wisdom you can find there.

Listen as we discuss: 

  • What realizing your Dreams may look like
  • How Lonely are we today?
  • How we respond to high quality connections
  • 5 Types of Connections
  • Romantic Connections and their impact
  • Quality and Algorithms of Relationships
  • Coffee! 
  • Why we are so Lonely today
  • Gen Z and the impact the Pandemic had
  • How to see the Signs of Loneliness
  • The importance of Self Connection
  • Alone vs Lonely
  • How Traumas compound
  • The Blessings 
  • Do we get Points for dealing with Hardships?
  • The Solutions for beating Loneliness

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Realizing your Dream
How Lonely is it?
How our brains respond to high quality connections
5 types of Connections
Can a Romantic Connection make things worse?
What counts as a quality relationship?
The Algorithm you can change
Mo's love for Coffee and how to Connect
Why are we so Lonely?
Gen Z and the Pandemic
The Signs of Loneliness
The difference between Alone and Lonely
How Traumas compound
The Blessings in the Trauma
You don't get Points in Life
Top Tips for beating Loneliness