Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat

Best of the Year 2023 (Part 1)

December 23, 2023 Mo Gawdat Episode 277
Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat
Best of the Year 2023 (Part 1)
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Welcome back to Slo Mo. Thank you for being with us throughout the year. It has been a turbulent and unpredictable one. To help remind us to slow down and reflect, today we are revisiting our favorite moments and nuggets of wisdom we've discovered over the course of the year 2023.

Exploring the path to calm the mind and slow down is Nikki Mirghafori (full episode here). She has grown up in Iran and then immigrated to the US where she studied at Stanford and UCLA and became a visiting professor at  UC Berkeley.

Next we shed some light again on what being happy can mean. To do this, we are revisiting our conversation with Dr Bradley Nelson (full episode here). He is a world-renowned holistic healing expert, lecturer, author of The Emotion Code, and creator & author of The Body Code.

Then , we'll revisit the idea of a friendship contract with Elizabeth Day (full episode here), a practice that can help us better understand the value friends have in our lives, and the value we have in the lives of others. She is an award-winning author and broadcaster. 

This leads me to think of another important topic we've covered in a long series on Love & Romance. I'm sharing a snippet from a great conversation on romantic relationships with Matthew Hussey (full episode here), a speaker and New York Times bestselling author, columnist for Cosmopolitan Magazine, and dating expert on ABC’s digital series What To Text Him Back.

Finally, we're sharing a small bit of an incredible conversation with Deepak Chopra (full episode here), a world-renowned speaker and author, for a more wholistic perspective on our existence. A definitive reminder to often look inward. Take this time to slow down and reflect. 

See you next week for Part 2 of our Year in Review. 

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