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Rob Moore - How to Improve Your Relationship with Money

January 27, 2024 Mo Gawdat / Rob Moore Episode 282
Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat
Rob Moore - How to Improve Your Relationship with Money
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Today we welcome Rob Moore to the show. A distinguished entrepreneur, author, and podcast host known for his disruptive approach to business and personal development, with so many interesting facts about him that would hardly fit this episode's description.

Rob began his entrepreneurial journey in the property/real estate sector nearly two decades ago, building a substantial part of his wealth in this field, he's written 19 best-selling books on topics like Money and Life Leverage, he hosts the #Disruptors podcast,  engaging a wide range of guests, from entrepreneurs to public figures, discussing revolutionary ideas and current issues.

Through The Rob Moore Foundation, he focuses on assisting young and underprivileged individuals in starting meaningful businesses and making impactful changes in society, deeply committed to improving financial education globally.

Listen as we discuss: 

  • "Oh my God" moments
  • Is Money a Tool? 
  • About Privilege 
  • Success
  • Money Fundamentals 
  • Who needs a Lamborghini 
  • Rob Moore's Advice for You
  • Turning Cash into Assets 

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"Oh my God"
Is Money a tool?
About Privilege
Money Fundamentals
Who needs a Lamborghini?
Rob Moore's advice for You
Turning Cash into Assets