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Dr. Rick Hanson (Part 2) - The 7 Qualities of a Spiritually Developed Mind

November 22, 2020 Mo Gawdat and Dr. Rick Hanson Episode 65
Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat
Dr. Rick Hanson (Part 2) - The 7 Qualities of a Spiritually Developed Mind
Show Notes

I'm honored to have one of my heroes, Dr. Rick Hanson, on today's two-part episode. Rick mentions in our talk that this is one of his favorite interview he's ever done. I can confidently say the same.

Rick is a psychologist, Senior Fellow of UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, and New York Times best-selling author. His books have been published in 29 languages and include Neurodharma, Resilient, Hardwiring Happiness, Buddha’s Brain, Just One Thing, and Mother Nurture – with 900,000 copies in English alone. His free weekly newsletter has 180,000 subscribers and his online programs have scholarships available for those with financial need.  An expert on positive neuroplasticity, his work has been featured on the BBC, CBS, NPR, and other major media. He began meditating in 1974 and is the founder of the Wellspring Institute for Neuroscience and Contemplative Wisdom.

There are few people alive today that are able to so eloquently and brilliantly combine the science and the spirit of the search for a meaningful life quite like Rick. His words emerge from the cross-section of psychology, contemplative wisdom, and neuroscience. If you truly want to understand how your brain works, and how it can help you - or hurt you - on your journey, do not miss this.

In Part 2, listen as we discuss:

  • A lesson on basic neuroscience from Dr. Rick Hanson himself
  • The reptile brain, mammalian brain, and the primate/human brain
  • We are a walking museum!
  • How to satisfy the brain? Pet the lizard, feed the mouse, hug the monkey
  • The amygdala, and how some are negative, some ambivalent, and some opportunistic
  • Why it's important not to give priority or ranking to the layers of the brain
  • Why it's worth investing time for exercising your brain
  • Rick's 5 minute challenge: slow down to take in the good a few times a day
  • How we reverse engineer awakening
  • "The mind takes it's shape upon what it repeatedly rests upon"
  • The 7 qualities of people that are far along the spiritual journey
  • No matter where we are in the journey, we can always make progress, today

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